Churches and Monasteries of Astypalea

Mon 15 Mar 2021

The monasteries and country chapels spread out over the island and count more than 350! Near the Venetian Castle of Querini at the beginning of the peninsula there are two white churches, the Virgin of the Castle at the entrance of the Castle and Agios Georgios.

Panagia or Portaitissa is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the Dodecanese. Its exact location is at the entrance to the castle at Rodia and was founded in the 18th century. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary the Portaitissa of the Monastery of Iveron located on Mount Athos. In fact, it is said that the icon depicted in the temple was imprinted on the wood itself. On the 15th of August, a big festival is held and all the residents and foreign visitors celebrate by faithfully following the traditions of one of the biggest celebrations of the island! Women share in the world the famous local delicacy, Labrian! Another church of St. George was built in 1790 and is located on the edge of the Castle.